What to expect at the show

The Property Show is aimed at anyone looking to buy their first home, sell a property, interested in renting or looking to expand their property investment portfolio. The show brings together all the industry role players under one roof – including YOU on your property journey.

Are you a first-time buyer?

Buying your first home can be an overwhelming experience, and putting all your hard earned money into something that you are uncertain about is a daunting thought.

The Property Show gives you an opportunity to listen to the best advice from industry experts, ask questions, and shop for the best deals.

Are you looking to expand your property portfolio?​​

The Property Show is the only place where you can get an end-to-end service. You can meet, compare and consider multiple options under one roof. Browsing the exhibition will present opportunities to chat directly with the developers and the leading Estate Agents. You can look at the current stock and show price activation specials, or talk about their future developments for property investment.

The show has a little bit of everything for everyone and encompasses the entire real estate food chain. Speaking of food, there is also a café area on the expo floor itself so you can enjoy some snacks and beverages all day whilst chatting to the brands and listening in the theatre seminars. 

Attend the theatre sessions

The Standard Bank Property Theatre

  • How to take your first step on the property ladder? - Presented by: Grant Gavin, Owner RE/MAX Panache, Speaker, Business Coach - RE/MAX Panache
  • Financial considerations when buying your first home - Presented by: Celeste Bolstridge – Provincial Home Loans Manager KZN - Standard Bank
  • Buying your first home… like a pro! - Presented by: Greg Crowder, B2B Marketing Manager - Private Property
  • Understanding the transfer process, knowing your rights as a buyer - Presented by: Lisa Boniface, Conveyancing Attorney - Dykes, van Heerden (KZN)
  • Which area should you be looking at as a First-time Buyer? - Presented by: Paul-Roux de Kock, Data and Analytics Director - Lightstone
  • You can now afford to buy your first home – Thanks to Financial Linked Individual Subsidy (FLISP) - Presented by: Franceous Ogle, Senior Admin Officer - Department of Human Settlements, KZN

Property Investor Theatre

  • Dragging real estate investors and industry into a new digital future - Presented by: Neale Petersen, Founder/Publisher - Real Estate Investor Magazine
  • Your property finance guide - Presented by: Dinesh Chetty, Principal Member - Durban Property Finance
  • KwaZulu-Natal’s current best performing investment hot-spots - Presented by: Paul-Roux de Kock, Data and Analytics Director - Lightstone
  • How to structure your property investment portfolio for maximum gains? - Presented by: Jaco Grobbelaar, Managing Director - Prosperity Enterprises
  • Financially Free at Thirty: the 7 principles to reach financial freedom at any age - Presented by: Laurens Boel, Digital Entrepreneur & Property Investor, Author
  • What is Proptech and how is it changing the real estate market? - Presented by: Cohen Van Der Berg, CEO - Liongroup of Companies and Mthobisi Mpungose, Technical Director - Liongroup of Companies
  • Extracting value through distressed property - Presented by: Andrew Walker, Co-Founder of - SA Property Investors Network

Rental Theatre

  • How to avoid evictions - Presented by: Cilna Steyn, Managing Director - SSLR Inc
  • How you can boost your credit score - Presented by: Michelle Dickens, Managing Director - Tenant Profile Network
  • A game changer for landlords - section 14 of the CPA - Presented by: Marlon Shevelew, Director - Marlon Shevelew and Associates Incorporated
  • How to deal with problem tenants – and overview of the South African eviction process - Presented by: Cilna Steyn, Managing Director - SSLR Inc
  • Finding the best locations for renting – Presented by: Michelle Dickens, Managing DirectoR - Tenant Profile Network
  • Which clauses to watch out for when signing a residential lease? – Presented by: Marlon Shevelew, Director - Marlon Shevelew and Associates Incorporated

Auction Theatre

  • Buying and selling property through auctions - Presented by: *Claremart
  • Forced auctions: sheriff sales, liquidations and deceased estate sales - Presented by: Cilna Steyn, Managing Director, SSLR Inc
  • Traditional auctions vs Digital auction - Presented by: MC du Toit, CEO, BidX1
  • How auction can help you diversify your property portfolio? - Presented by: *Matrix Auctions
  • LIVE Auction

What you'll see

​New developments

Income properties

Primary residence

Affordable housing

International property

Retirement property

Vacant land

Rental property

Who you'll meet

Financiers like Standard Bank who will assist you with financing your property investment

Estate Agents & developers who will present their available stock to you first hand

Insurance companies who will insure your life and investment properties

Law firms who will register the purchase with the deeds office and advise you about including your investment properties in your will.


19-20 October

Sandton convention Centre